CBT for ADHD: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for ADD Symptoms

Life is getting stressful because of the situations arising from the economy and the personal life of a person. Due to this more people are getting depressed or merely getting off track from their goals since they are losing focus on their goals. Different people have different reasons why they get depressed and it’s hard to tell sometimes.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy is good for people to be able to reset their minds to become calm and have a  proper mindset again. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in NYC has been known to be effective in addressing issues of depression, anxiety, and other issues. Therapists in New York are increasing in numbers due to the demands on people’s need for therapy.


Reasons Why a Person Needs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Out of Focus

If a person wants to improve her present state of mind since she is losing focus. Some people are not good at balancing their emotions and minds so they need professional help to be able to correct these issues. Being able to balance your emotion and thinking is an important aspect to be able to handle situations you encounter.

Anger Issues

Getting angry is normal but if a person can not manage his anger in a normal way then there is a problem. This issue needs the assistance of a therapist to be able to fix it. People who have anger issues usually know it that’s why they seek professional help to assist them to overcome this kind of behavioral issue.


People suffer from anxiety due to a lot of reasons such as trying to get a new job, pressure in improving their work, or any other personal issues. Some people fail to manage to organize their thoughts and result in too much worrying about the results of their goals. To be able to overcome this issue, one needs professional help to be able to have a more organized mind and to be able to control their emotions.

Types of CBT in New York

Cognitive-behavioral therapy in New York comes in many forms. This type of therapist has been created to fit each patient’s needs. Since each patient needs a different approach to address the behavioral issue they have.

Cognitive Restructuring or Reframing

In this type of therapy, the patient’s therapist will let her identify her negative thoughts. Since to be able to fix something the problem should be recognized first. The therapist will ask questions so she can determine the exact source of the behavioral problem. Once the problem is recognized your therapist can determine what program to use to be able to address the behavioral issue of the patient.

Guided Discovery

CBT NYC therapists use this method to discover your way of thinking, for instance, they will be discovering your beliefs or how broad you can think. Your therapist will be asking for evidence to support your opinion on things, this method can help the patient realize if those are helpful in making your mental health healthy. With this realization, you can change your way of thinking to a more positive and realistic way.

Exposure Therapy

For people who are suffering from fear and phobia, this method is ideal. In this method, your therapist will slowly expose you to things that you fear the most and at the same time provide guidance on how you can handle the situation. This way you can conquer your fear in the long run, results might not be immediate but by practicing overcoming your phobias you will eventually come to a point when you are not afraid of those things anymore.

Journaling and Thought Record

Writing is a good way to keep a record of things, the same with your behavioral issues. In this method, your therapist will be asking you to write a record of the negative thoughts that bother you a lot every session and also ask you to record positive thoughts that can help you improve your mental health.


Best CBT therapists in  NYC provide methods that can help their patients to overcome their behavioral issues. Emotion and mental thinking always go together that’s why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in New York has been popular among people and therapists continue to increase in number because they know people need them.

By Lois C

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