Alzheimer’s Disease: The Inevitable Presence of Absence

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“To a individual who loves, is not absence the most sure…the most resilient, the most indestructible…of presences”? (Proust, Enjoyment and Times, 1896.)

Nowhere does Proust’s quotation resonate a lot more than in Amy Bloom’s description of her architect husband’s cognitive drop in the extraordinarily relocating, In Like: A Memoir of Love and Reduction (2022). Bloom writes, “Sometimes now with Brian, I am even worse than by yourself. I’m absent from his interior landscape.”

The e-book poignantly chronicles her husband’s subsequent final decision to choose for assisted suicide right after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s condition (Advertisement).

Ad, an “age-dependent progressive neurodegenerative disease” (Austad et al, 2022), is the most typical lead to of dementia. It affects 24 million men and women around the globe (Khezri et al, 2022), with two-thirds of circumstances in gals, and is characterized by a decline in memory, cognition, as well as changes in habits and identity (Kandimalla et al, 2017).

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An aged lady tearing at her hair by Netherlandish painter Quentin Matsys, 1525-30. Prado Museum, Madrid. Growing old is the most well known threat component for establishing Alzheimer’s ailment, which is considerably additional frequent in gals.

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Researchers have researched Alzheimer’s disease, initial determined a lot more than a century ago (Sanati et al, 2022 Cipriani et al, 2011), for decades.

We know about its pathology, particularly the presence of beta-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, as properly as proof of neuroinflammation and atrophy in the postmortem brains of people afflicted. We even know that these modifications take place a long time prior to the onset of measurable cognitive impairment (Liao et al, 2022).

But not all investigators concur on irrespective of whether these procedures are causative or merely correlated.

Says Bloom, “Nobody would seem to know what they are accomplishing. There is literally no treatment. The most sophisticated Alzheimer’s investigation in the entire world says, ‘Eat (expletive) blueberries. Get sufficient (expletive) sleep.’”

Bloom is appropriate: To date, there is “no specific and successful procedure strategy” to reverse the condition (Sanati et al). It is not for a lack of striving.

Some researchers, these kinds of as Richard Isaacson, a neurologist and the director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at New York-Presbyterian Medical center (Weill Cornell Medicine), believe that a complete evaluation and extremely early intervention, together with food plan and life style modifications, may possibly keep the critical to interfering with Alzheimer’s inevitably progression.

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Alois Alzheimer, 1864-1915, a German neuropathologist, credited with describing the scientific and pathological findings now affiliated with his identify, in 1906. Alzheimer’s client had early-onset dementia at age 51 and died at age 55.

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Though these adjustments may well maintain promise for some, to day, no medicine has but proved clinically efficacious. In their look for, although, investigators have turned to repurpose medications presently on the market (Kulkarni et al, 2022).

The drug metformin, one of the most usually recommended medicines throughout the world as the first-line therapy for Variety 2 diabetic issues, has shown possible in scientific studies on getting older and specially for Alzheimer’s disorder (Kulkarni et al, 2022). Research, regretably, from time to time prospects to contradictory results.

In 1 preclinical rodent examine, for instance, metformin did not consequence in, as in past research, any lifetime-extension gain or reductions in insulin or glucose, leading Allison and colleagues to speculate that their choice of rat pressure might have contributed to their disappointing final results (Smith et al, 2010).

Additional, although there is a substantial literature on the use of metformin for many distinct health and fitness results, Ioannidis et al’s “umbrella” review of about 425 distinct meta-analyses, which include randomized managed trials (RCTs) and observational reviews, discovered that most scientific studies had been of “low or critically inadequate quality” and even “largely unreliable” (Li et al, 2021). These investigators uncovered appreciable heterogeneity amongst studies and most of the RCTs did not even provide details on the duration of adhere to-up or the dosage of metformin applied. Opportunity conflicts of interest, as effectively, were being usually not obviously recognized.

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“Mamamania: An artistic interpretation of Alzheimer’s sickness,” primarily based on the artist’s grandmother, by Florence Winterflood. No date was given.

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Why would investigators, although, even consider metformin in study on Alzheimer’s disease?

The answer is that there is “convincing evidence” that Advert “could be regarded” a metabolic dysfunction and in some reports, 80% of subjects with Advertisement have insulin resistance or Type 2 diabetic issues (Boccardi et al, 2019) and those with Sort 2 have a increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s (Meng et al, 2020 Austad et al).

There are even these who think about it not just a metabolic condition but Style 3 diabetic issues (Kandimalla et al, 2017 Liao et al Prime et al, 2022). There is “no definite summary” on the backlink amongst Alzheimer’s and Style 2 diabetic issues but their “very similar pathogenesis” has led to various scientific studies that take a look at the influence of remedies like metformin on Advertisement (Meng et al).

TAME: Concentrating on Getting old with MEtformin is one this kind of double-blind placebo-managed review that is enrolling hundreds of topics. Its mission is to produce “a paradigm” for evaluating pharmacological approaches to hold off the illnesses of getting older, including Alzheimer’s (Soukas et al, 2019 Kulkarni et al, 2022 Kulkarni et al, 2020), and to improve “healthspan” i.e., the number of several years of dwelling “comparatively free of charge from ailment” (Newman et al, 2016). Metformin is the drug of alternative for the reason that of its superb protection file and “emerging evidence” that it may possibly “preserve cognitive function” (Barzilai et al, 2016).

There is some evidence that metformin may decrease the risk of establishing Advertisement in sufferers with Variety 2 diabetes (Liao et al). Further more, metformin’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in Ad, among other mechanisms, “represents a constructive reason,” for working with it in these sufferers (Khezri et al).

Not all studies concur, generally due to the fact of variations in the review inhabitants, dose, and size of exposure to metformin (Khezri et al), as very well as subjects’ APOE4 (a likely genetic marker for acquiring Advert), provider position (Ning et al, 2022 Wu et al, 2020).

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“Erased self-portrait,” by Philadelphia-born artist William Utermohlen, 1999, identified with Alzheimer’s condition. Private selection. See the Crutch et al reference for Utermohlen’s historical past.

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A person systematic assessment with meta-evaluation (4 managed trials and 24 observational scientific tests), including topics with and without diabetes who took metformin, for instance, could not validate its useful consequences both on improving cognition or on avoiding Advertisement, while the scientists admit their conclusions are “not conclusive” (Malazy et al, 2022).

Some scientific tests, as perfectly, propose that metformin may well have benefits in cognitively standard individuals, in particular if they never have the APOE4 genetic marker, but at the time there is cognitive impairment from Advert, “metformin might no extended be protecting” (Wu et al).

“Over-all,” applying metformin therapeutically for Alzheimer’s stays “pretty controversial” (Ning et al), and “ambiguous and conflicting” (Liao et al). As a final result, quite a few researchers urge caution and advocate an “individualized, precision method” since there is no consensus about metformin’s usefulness in the cure of Alzheimer’s (Soukas et al Ning et al Liao et al).

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“Eat Your Fruit,” by English artist Marianna Kulukundis, 2020. Personal Assortment.

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In that context, while, clinicians do seem to be to agree that we ought to all continue to keep consuming our (expletive) blueberries.

For a dialogue of the early background of metformin, see my former put up.

By Lois C