While many can tell you which of the many enterprise ecommerce solutions is best suited for your specific business, sometimes a vendor will leave you with an overly long list of the best ecommerce enterprise solutions to select from. To gain more insight into what is out there, read on to gain more insight into enterprise ecommerce platform comparison. Enterprise ecommerce is basically a more robust version of online shopping carts. With an enterprise ecommerce platform, you will have access to storefront software, online catalogs and the ability to accept credit cards.

Understand how your current platform functions

Before you begin searching for the best enterprise ecommerce platform to use for your online business ventures, it’s important to understand how your current platform functions. It’s best if you know exactly what product listings and order processing options are available through your current platform. You may not necessarily need to change all of your current functionality, but it is good to have a clear understanding of what is currently available to you.

Analyze The Needs of Your Current Website

The first step in creating the best enterprise ecommerce platform for your website is to analyze the needs of your current website. What types of data do you intend to include in your site? If you are looking to expand your product lines, then it is best to utilize the best enterprise level ecommerce platforms that allow for easy integrations with popular third party vendors. These ecommerce sites should also allow the addition of multiple currency displays and options.

If you have a very general website that doesn’t do much more than list your products, then it’s best to go with the best enterprise ecommerce platform available. For example, Shopify Plus provides an easy to use design and setup process, along with numerous add on modules. On the other hand, BigCommerce and Magento Commerce are two of the most popular and widely used systems on the web. Both of these systems allow you to quickly and easily customize your online store and provide an easy to use customer experience.

Develop a Website Based on a Specific Theme

When you begin to develop a site based on a specific theme, it is important to determine which of the two best enterprise ecommerce platforms available will best suit your requirements. Both of these systems have built in shopping carts and the ability to accept multiple forms of payment including credit cards, PayPal, and Google Checkout. However, each platform also offers different core capabilities that will determine which elements of your site will require customization. In particular, both eCommerce systems offer full support for email marketing campaigns, allowing you to make the most of both customer service and SEO.

Integrating eCommerce System

Many companies assume that they can use either of these systems effectively and have little to do with developing a compelling website or even managing their customers. In reality, integrating an eCommerce system into your company will require far more than just plug and play. You will also need to employ an extensive list building and retargeting system in order to make the most of your sales force automation and salesperson engagement efforts. With the best enterprise headless commerce cloud application you will have access to these in order to make the most of your customer relationship management efforts and increase both profits and productivity. In short, you will want to ensure that you integrate your headless commerce platform with the best enterprise headless commerce cloud application.

By Lois C