DK Metcalf’s Diet Includes ‘3-4 Bags Of Candy’ Every Day

ByLois C

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Most expert athletes these times have very demanding nourishment plans to go along with their workout regimens, allowing them to remain in top condition. At the incredibly best, several of the top rated players in the NFL, NBA, and outside of have private cooks to curate a menu that fits their dietary requires.

Nevertheless, Seahawks star receiver (and frequently freak athlete) DK Metcalf is not amid those people, as his dietary plan is, well, let us just say a great deal additional elementary — that is to say, the type of diet you’d assume from a boy or girl remaining unsupervised for a weekend with obtain to unlimited cash and food stuff shipping expert services. Metcalf joined Kevin Garnett on the KG Licensed podcast this week and the Hall of Famer asked Metcalf to describe how important diet is, to which Metcalf laughed and stated why he’s the worst person to question, functioning as a result of his each day intake of a single Starbucks coffee, 1 precise food, and “three to 4 luggage of candy” that remaining Garnett in full disbelief.

The finest part is Garnett asking Metcalf to “define baggage of candy, man” for the reason that he can’t wrap his brain all around the strategy that DK is just housing bags of gummy candies and not having actual foodstuff till an 8 pm meal then going to bed. There are a whole lot of concerns I even now have about this, specifically, how significant is this food every single evening, for the reason that if you are performing two exercises in the early morning, apparently with out having breakfast, and only acquiring coffee for lunch, I never recognize how he is a operating human getting, a lot much less just one of the greatest athletes on the earth.

This is a person who was aggressive with the greatest sprinters in the globe previous calendar year and regularly tends to make NFL defenders appear like small children, and he’s apparently accomplishing that fueled nearly solely by Skittles Gummies and Lifesavers.

By Lois C