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Help A Drug Addict With Some Effective Methods

Role of Individual Therapy in Drug Addiction Treatment - IMC Grupo

Do you have a friend or a loved one who got addicted to drugs or any other substance? When someone who means a lot to you gets caught in the grip of a disorder like this, it is painful. In such cases, people keep searching for How do I help a drug addict.

It is hard for someone to deal with an addict, but it is way harder for the addict to be such in the situation. However, having a friend or someone close to them as a support system can increases the recovery rate for the addict.

It might get worse at times, but if you can hold your patience, the result will be worth the wait. Before we start, there are a few things that you must and must not do to them. Patients of addiction get scared and insecure, which leads them to a situation where they can’t trust anyone anymore.

If you want to help an addict, you need to build a bond with them first. Remember, you cannot expect them to change immediately; you have to be patient with them. Do not try to force them or criticise them and it will never help. Be honest with them and don’t try to invade their privacy.

Build a trustworthy bond

Building bonds with the addict is a must because if they don’t trust you, your help won’t affect them. Trusting does not only mean for them but also you. If they trust you to help them in such a situation, then in return, you also need to trust and have faith in them.

Forcing them to leave the substance is never going to help them come out of it. Always remember that one negative stand will make the entire process go wrong. Nagging them or giving them a lecture on life can worsen the situation, making you lose your bond with them.

Stress is the biggest enemy of a person under the influence of drug abuse. If you yell at them, criticise, name-call, or exaggerate things in front of them, it will cause them more stress. All these things can backfire and make them more addicted to the substance.

During that time, if you get engaged in addiction, it will affect them too. They will think of you as a hypocrite, and you no longer will be someone they can trust. You need to be careful when dealing with an addict because the percentage of their perspective matching yours is below one.

You might move forward to help them, but they find it as if you want to control them. Situations like this can make them more engaged in doing drugs.

Understanding the roles

As well-wishers, you will always want to protect your loved one. However, drug addicts tend to get away from addictive things after they start facing the consequences. The consequences might be hard to see, but you need to take a step back and let them face it.


It will never be a smooth journey, and you will face tons of difficulties during this. The person may deny that they have a problem in the first place and many more things to come in the way. Now that you have an answer to your how do I help a drug addict, it will help.