Sublocade is an opioid medication that is used to treat substance abuse disorders. Even though there are several other medications when it comes to addiction treatment, we are going to focus on the usage, advantages, and all there is to know about sublocade.

What is sublocade?

The sublocade shot is a monthly injection that consists of buprenorphine drug to treat substance dependence. It is one of the forms of buprenorphine that should be injected under the skin and not with oral administration. Sublocade is also a kind of medication that is for addiction maintenance. That means, controlling withdrawal symptoms is not possible with this drug.

Sublocade and addiction treatment

Sublocade is one of the focal choices of recovery treatment. Once the patient is deprived of withdrawal symptoms, sublocade treatment will be prescribed to you for cravings. It is pretty normal to have substance cravings even after you have been through the suboxone withdrawal phase. And that is the reason why most people relapse even though they have been sober for so long.

While this medication is not for substance detox, still it helps with the withdrawal symptoms as these can last from 6 to 12 months, depending on the addiction level of each individual.

When your doctor will prescribe you sublocade shots, you will need to take a type of buprenorphine tablet such as suboxone dosing. These types of tablets should not be swallowed or chewed as it works by dissolving under you tough or sides of your cheeks.  Then after 7 days, you can take sublocade injections from the sublocade doctors.

The injection will be injected in your belly, and your doctor is the only authorized person to do so. Therefore, you cannot continue the sublocade treatment at home by yourself. The good thing is, you would only need to take the injection once a month.


Sublocade is a very effective medication to treat addiction and then to maintain sobriety. According to a 24 week clinical study, 30{f4cc560e3c7fb9b532be5f9ff84abc4d8fdcdf8294c47f280f542ad1549ab313} of the patients who have been taking sublocade along with counseling sessions didn’t consume other opioid drugs for at least 80{f4cc560e3c7fb9b532be5f9ff84abc4d8fdcdf8294c47f280f542ad1549ab313} of the time during the study.

According to other reposts in many sublocade treatment centers, patients have been reported to get addicted to sublocade. And it is not a surprising fact as sublocade is a controlled substance with psychoactive that is also present in illicit drugs and alcohol.

Why sublocade consist of psychoactive?

Let’s break it down. All substances have psychoactive, including alcohol, drugs, and marijuana. And when a person takes any of these substances, the psychoactive present in it directly targets the reward system of the brain. And upon such direct contact, the brain creates a connection between substance consumption and feeling good reaction. So, when the person starts to consume more and more substances, the brain grows dependent on the feel-good reaction. So much so, when the person is deprived of the substance, the brain starts to lose control over the body.

That’s when the importance of sublocade clinics near me arrives. Only in rehab, a person can let go of that addicted reaction without suffering from fatal withdrawal symptoms. Sublocade consists of psychoactive to give the brain an illusion of the substance’s presence, only to lessen the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms. But when the patient is left without supervision, they can easily abuse this opioid drug. Therefore, patients are not allowed to take sublocade injections on their own.

Sublocade side effects

Sublocade is not without its side-effect, just like any other drugs this medication also has some flaws.

Some common side-effects:

  • headache,
  • constipation,
  • fatigue,
  • injection site itching or pain,
  • vomiting,
  • nausea,
  • and increased liver enzymes.

The above side-effects are basic and don’t require medical attention as with time these effects of sublocade near me, will go on their own.

However, you need to call your doctor upon suffering with the severe side effects,

Sublocade severe side-effects:

  • blue lips or fingernails;
  • noisy breathing, shallow breathing, stopped breathing during sleep;
  • confusion, feelings of extreme happiness;
  • severe constipation;
  • slow heartbeat or weak pulse;
  • low cortisol levels
  • little or no urination; or
  • nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness, or weakness.

You should gather further knowledge before investing in sublocade price. And if you are not willing to take risks to suffer from such health complications, consult with your doctor about risk-free substitutes.

By Lois C