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How Electric Beds Can Help You Improve Your Health

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You see, an adjustable bed is suitable for so many things that it is easier to list and explain these rather than reeling them off in a very long list.

Let’s start with some background information about adjustable beds so that you can get a good idea of how they are so versatile.

Historically adjustable beds were the type of heavy clanky beds on wheels that you found in hospitals and nursing homes. You know the kind with the noisy foot pedals to enable you to lower or raise the bed with the cot sides to stop you from falling out. On top of that, they usually had a kind of clumsy ramp attachment at the top of the bed to enable you to be propped up with numerous pillows. These beds were often relatively vast and very unwieldy for the porters and staff to move around.

They are handy beds, so the modern version is so very welcome and popular.

You see, in 2014, adjustable beds now look like regular beds or indeed look like very smart and ‘must-have items of furniture, and the list of benefits over standard beds is quite extensive.

Adjustable beds give extra customised support in the five critical areas of the head, neck, back, hips and knees. These are all areas prone to strains and injuries, and if injured or painful, then these are all areas that require extra support whilst we are in bed.

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Today, adjustable beds look just like regular beds, so there is no stigma attached to a ‘therapy’ or ‘invalids’ bed. Electric beds are much more comfortable than traditional hospital beds. Electric beds are becoming more popular for people with back pain. Find out how they work and why they might be good for you! Anyang Top Medical’s electric hospital bed can help ease pain from ageing bones or injuries while providing comfort at the same time!

  1. Electric adjustable beds come with a choice of type of mattress.
  2. Electric adjustable beds adjust by simply pressing the buttons on the remote keypad. There is no getting up out of bed to change settings and no need to prop yourself up with numerous pillows.
  3. Electric adjustable beds can help with many medical ailments. Aches and pains can be supported in comfort with customised support every time.
  4. Electric adjustable beds are more lifestyle item of furniture. You can relax in comfort to read or watch a movie; then, you can settle down to sleep without getting up.
  5. The age of the ‘normal’ non-adjusting bed is starting to wane as people wake up (no pun intended) to the fact that adjustable beds are an essential item of furniture for everyone’s bedroom.

Benefits of an electric bed

1. Circulation

Electric beds are adjustable at the head and feet positions. Moving them can improve circulation for someone who is bed-bound for long periods. This action also reduces bedsores, fluid build-up in the legs, joint and back strain and a range of other complications associated with being bed bound for long periods.

2. Comfort for the Patient

There are benefits for patients associated with electric beds that do not apply to traditional mattresses. Aside from being more comfortable due to fewer bedsores and irritations, electric beds also allow patients to change positions for different tasks. Reading, watching and eating are all easily done from the bed without any physical effort, keeping the patients supported and comfortable.

3. Care Giver Assistance

Being an in-home carer is a physically demanding job. Over time, this can lead to problems for the carer such as back pain, exhaustion and joint pain. By using an electric bed, carers can safely and support themselves electrically rather than physically while they eat, get changed, change dressings, etc. 

4. Design

The bed is made to look like a regular bed and not like a hospital bed. This “normal” design can have a calming influence on a home and is less dramatic than a traditional hospital bed. We have a range of electric beds in different sizes available for sale at Beechfield Healthcare.

5. Range of Suitability

If you suffer from asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, MS, back pain, circulation problems, fluid build-up, or chronic heartburn, electric beds could help you. They are suitable for people suffering from a vast number of illnesses and sickness. 

After tanking good care and rest you should consult your doctor for further treatment opition like full body checkup and other procedure.