15 Exercises for a Bigger Butt and Stronger Glutes

Throughout the years, having a bigger butt has been deemed by society as an attractive quality, which is why a lot of people want to get a bigger booty. There is body sculpting for the butt that would help you achieve your goal for a bigger and firmer butt much faster. Does Body Sculpting give you a butt? What procedure makes your butt bigger? Here are some tips and procedures that you could do on how to get a bigger booty with body sculpting. 

Five Options to Get a Bigger Butt 

1. Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift is when they transfer some of your fat to your butt area, and this kind of plastic surgery works best if you have enough fat because if you don’t then achieving your goal may be harder than you think. The more fat that you have that is available for transfer, the better.


An area of your body is chosen then suctioned out. Once the fat that they have extracted is purified, it will be injected carefully into your gluteus maximus.


With the Brazilian butt lift, you get to get rid of some of your fat while expanding your butt area, which is why the whole procedure could take you about 2 to 3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. You are going to expect a small scar under each of your butt cheeks and some scars on the part of your body where the fat is extracted, with a 2-week recovery time.

2. Butt Implants

If you do not have enough extra fat pockets or extra upper buttocks flap, then you could always get implants for your buttocks.


His is an FDA-approved procedure that is used to make your buttocks better permanently since compared to breast implants, butt implants do not leak and they don’t need to be changed for the most part- unless something is wrong.


The whole procedure of putting in your butt implants could take you about 2 hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia. As the implant is placed at the top of your butt crack, a small 4cm incision is made so that they could put it in properly while making a minimal incision. Once it is put in, you could expect that your recovery time would be 2 weeks.

3. Injectables

If you do not want to go under the scalpel, getting fillers injected into your buttocks is always an option that is laid on the table. They are going to be injecting a filler that is long-lasting, the most common one being the Sculptra.


Being FDA-approved since 1999, it is known to be used on facial wrinkles. It is made up of poly-L-lactic acid which is a biocompatible and biodegradable substance that dissolves as it replaces your body’s natural collagen. If you want to have a bigger butt, you are going to have to get more injections to achieve your goal.

4. “Turn down” buttock flap

This procedure is done when you do not have enough fats that they could extract for a Brazilian butt lift, but they notice that you have a lot of upper buttock skin that is loose. 


You could expect your doctors to create a paddle of upper buttock skin the size of a hand where they would make an incision at the top along your belt line. One way to describe the “turn down” is that it is like tucking your shirt in your pants, so it would be flipped into the upper part of your butt. 


Doing this procedure would be able to give your buttocks this kind of fullness to them that you once didn’t have and it would only take you about 2 to 3 hours under general anesthesia. You could expect to have a scar that would extend from your hip to the other side of your hip that would be found under the beltline, with a recovery time of 2 weeks.

5. Exercise

Exercise is always a good choice if you don’t want to get plastic surgery. When you exercise, you should target your glutes using exercise machines like elliptical machines, Stairmaster, lunges with weights, squats, and deadlifts. 


If you want an exercise that is not as vigorous as those, you could always do yoga because there are some yoga poses that focus on your butt. 


If you don’t feel like you want to stand up, you could flex or pinch your butt right now even when you are sitting down.

There are a lot of procedures that you could choose from if you want to have a bigger butt, all of them having their own process and different results. You could go to a plastic surgeon to get a consultation to see which option is best for you and your goal.

By Lois C