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Incredible Per Diem Nursing Benefits You Need To Consider

6 Incredible Per Diem Nursing Benefits You Need to Consider

Per diem nursing job has become a popular job for nurses. Per diem simply means per day, so it means a per diem job can last for a day or few days. This concept has been made available to cover shifts that were left by nurses on leave for emergency cases or any personal reasons. There are easy per diem nursing jobs that nurses can work on. If you are a nurse and want to know more about how per diem jobs work and what are the incredible per diem nursing benefits you need to consider.

What Are The Benefits Of Working Per Diem?

Higher Pay

One of the top per diem nursing benefits is getting paid higher than a regular career nurse. There are people who prefer getting higher pay even if the working time is not permanent, since they want freedom. The payment rate can also be affected by some factors such as specialization, location, and experience. 

Earn More 

Apart from the shift you are given, extensions can be assigned to you which means you can earn more. Overtime pay is often higher than the regular per hour rate. However, it will still be your call to accept the extension or not. But most nurses would take the extra shift since they are already there. 

Flexible Schedule 

If you are under a nursing staffing agency you get a lot of job offers, and you can choose which one to accept and which one to decline. If you have more important things to take care of, then you can say no to the shift they are giving you. Flexibility at work is not always possible but with per diem work you can choose your schedule. 

What Are The Pros Of Working Per Diem?

Seasonal Per Diem Work is Possible 

As mentioned earlier, schedules are flexible. The good thing about per diem jobs is that they offer seasonal work. There are people who have plans and can only work in a certain season, these are perfect for them. For instance, there are outbreaks where manpower is needed, just like this pandemic season the demand for per diem nurses becomes higher. Flu season is also one reason why seasonal per diem jobs are opened.  

Get Cross-trained 

With the exposure of the nurses in different departments and fields, they will be able to learn new skills and methods in doing their duties. Some training is also provided for per diem nurses under nursing staffing agencies. They harness their nurses through continuous training, and they can be more knowledgeable in handling different medical facility care set up. Getting more training can help you   professionally and will be to your advantage since you want to advance your career. 

What Does A Per Diem Nurse Do?

The duties of a per diem nurse depend on their assignments since they are assigned to different departments, or it can also be based on their specialization. Nurses who have more knowledge can be open to more opportunities since they are flexible when it comes to performing duties in any department. 

How Are Per Diem Nurses Paid?

Each nursing staffing agency has different ways of paying their nurses. Rate will also depend on the locations since different states and countries have different rates. The pay schedule will depend on what’s agreed upon between two parties: the nursing staffing agency and the nurse. The medical facility on the other hand deals with nursing staffing agencies about their agreement. Nurses are considered employees of the nursing staffing agency and not the medical facilities they are assigned to. 

Now that you have knowledge of the incredible per diem nursing benefits you need to consider. You can now prepare yourself to be qualified as a per diem nurse. As long as you are a registered licensed nurse and have enough experience then you are qualified. The good thing about opting for a per diem nursing job is being able to control your schedule and set things according to the pace that you like. If you are a person who loves to focus on their passion but also wants to pursue their career as a nurse then a per diem nursing job is for you. You can set the time to be able to focus on something you love to do or even trouble without worrying about your job then you can set when to work, so you can earn for your passion.