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Pandemic Stress and the Rise of Addiction


The pandemic and the resulting economic slump have negatively affected people’s mental health. This has created a new barrier for those already suffering from substance abuse or mental illness. A recent study has shown that 4 out of 10 individuals in the U.S. have reported anxiety or depressive behavior symptoms. Many individuals have reported specific negative impact, such as

● Difficult in sleeping

● Increase in alcohol consumption

● Substance abuse 

● Worsening chronic conditions   

As a precautionary measure, people are now in isolation, continuing to avoid social events. These measures are particularly significant for those categorized as high-risk individuals. However, suboxone doctors have also emphasized that people who cannot stick to their hobbies shouldn’t leave behind on the path to recovery. With the threat of looming, combating loneliness during these times is essential to prevent relapse. 

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 It is undoubtedly challenging, but there are some simple and effective ways suboxone treatment doctors recommend to get through the pandemic stir craziness and maintain sobriety. You can also contact doctors directly. However, for a quick response, search over the internet suboxone clinics near me.”

Keeping Oneself Occupied

It is simply said than done to stay busy. People in recovery should productively occupy themselves. This can help them design self-improvement strategies. Taking help from the internet is the best thing one can do. Choose a hobby, interest, or activity. This can be in the form of making art, learning a new language or skill. The world of wonder is now on your fingertip. 

Stay Motivated

People had much more momentum than before. A year after is a different scenario—people undergoing recovery phase, it’s a great time to renew your motivation. Trying some-goal setting ideas for the future will definitely change your perception of life. With vaccines rolling out, some sense of normalcy is imminent. Plan out events with your friends and families for post-pandemic. These plans may help you receive some enthusiasm and take away the lowness. 

Get Support

Those under the recovery period which cannot safely see friends and family may always seek support from others. Virtual meetups can bring a significant difference to your life. Many online recovery support communities have helped people get through their isolation and still being able to meet and speak to new people.      

Rearrange your Day

Binge-watching tv shows and movies may become boring to some extent. As a result, you may always take tutorials and video lessons. You can downloads apps for various exercise routines or practice yoga. Leaving the house for a change is not actually the correct option; reorganizing your space can be a turnover making you feel refreshed. Simple chores like changing wall colors or positioning the room can be an excellent option to keep oneself busy.

Pandemic and Drug Abuse

Doctors may shift medication depending upon the market availability. However, this can be a reason for increased illicit opioid use. If you or your loved one feels the urge despite following all the measures, it’s best to seek help from a suboxone clinic. In case you aren’t able to locate one, we recommend searching “suboxone treatment near me” or suboxone doctors near me.” Remember, people are more stressed, so they make unhealthy decisions. 

Final Wrap

Fortunately, it has become much more accessible for people to obtain medical support amid pandemics due to the applicability of the technology. While pandemic forced many clinics and community-based treatment center to shut their door, telemedicine option for substance abuse disorder is increasingly popularising. 

Medical experts these days are encouraging patients to get help virtually and make their recovery successful. If you or any near one needs help, don’t hesitate to speak to your nearest suboxone treatment clinics