Popular Cheesecake Baker Gets Brick And Mortar In Machesney Park

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A tiny purchasing plaza on Harlem Highway in Machesney Park is apparently about to be the residence of some delicious cheesecake.

The name of the new cheesecake location is Mac Brothers Cheesecake. It is a name you may possibly be common with if you’ve visited Hairy Cow, the great brewpub in Byron, Illinois.

At minimum I believe you will.

I’ll be sincere with you fellas right here, I’m not common with Mac Brothers Cheesecake and you will find not much on the internet about them.

If you head over to their Facebook site there are only a few latest entries, but they all position to them opening up soon-ish.

They’re updating cellphone figures.

And it appears to be like like development was wrapping up previously this thirty day period.

The only other point out I can discover of these guys online is in conjunction with Furry Cow as it appears like they ended up the types that provided the restaurant with dessert.

I’m pretty good at using the online but that is all I can find on Mac Brother’s Cheesecake.

Now the truth that they were giving dessert for Furry Cow is an excellent indication due to the fact everything at Furry Cow is fantastic. I have only experienced the beer and pizza there but I am assuming that every little thing on their menu is probably brilliant.

Very seriously, if you haven’t checked out Hairy Cow nevertheless, do that ASAP.

The Mac Brothers Cheesecake shop is supposed to be opening in the rundown strip shopping mall off of Harlem Road right up coming to Sam’s Pizza, along with a number of extra new tenants.

This one:

I did try calling the number on the Fb webpage but was only linked to a generic voice mail greeting.

We are absolutely ready.

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By Lois C