Study finds monthly shot Vivitrol as effective as daily pill for opioid  addiction

There are several addiction treatment options available but not one of those cures addiction permanently. However, some addiction treatments and medications come pretty close to provided firm results; suboxone dosing is one of those.

Suboxone is pretty well-known and one of the most effective medicines for addiction recovery treatment. It not only helps the patient overcome their drug dependence but also dramatically reduces the chances of overdose. By taking this opioid treatment in New Bedford, the patient will be able to control their appetite and go back to their normal life.

The medication is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone drugs that work alongside to provide some sort of relief to the brain’s rewards system after the body has been deprived of substances. This way the brain lessens the withdrawal symptoms to make the whole detox procedure in suboxone treatment centers that much bearable.

Doesn’t matter how effective this medication is, there are some myths surrounding it that make the patient nervous about taking this medication. By taking a look at the myths and breaking it all, we are trying to help willing addiction patients to feel more comfortable about this addiction treatment.

#5- Suboxone is harmful when taken long-term

We know that there are some side effects of suboxone and w can imagine this myth has been come out because of that fact. However, almost all opioid treatment has some amount of side effects, not only suboxone treatment. Expert medical professionals have different theories as to how long a patient should be on suboxone but there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. So, you need to stick to the medication for as long as you’re prescribed for no matter what you hear from self-proclaim experts.

#4- Patient can get addicted to suboxone

According to suboxone doctors, it is extremely difficult to get addicted to suboxone when compared to other opiate medications. And that is exactly what makes this medication the future of addiction treatment. Let us explain, basically addiction works when a person tart to take more and more drugs at once, and the same can happen when the person is in suboxone treatment centers near me without proper surveillance. But they cannot do the same with suboxone because of its built-in ceiling effect. It prevents the brain to get euphoric no matter how many suboxone pills have been taken. Unless it is taken with other substances like alcohol, there is no chance of abusing this medication.

#3- People can die due to suboxone overdose

This is just a baseless rumour because if a medication cannot be abused how come one can overdose it? The simple scientific reason why a person cannot overdose on suboxone opioid treatment near me is because this medicine is only partial opiate agonist. The means, there is a limit of getting the “high” effect that most substances produce. Even if a person tried to get the euphoria by consuming this medication, they will only get frustrated and might mix it other substance. And that is the only way they may suffer from overdose when taking treatment in suboxone treatment centers in New Bedford.

#2- Taking suboxone is not a part of recovery

This is a pretty common social stigma. People think because suboxone is a partial opioid drug in itself, taking this opioid treatment near me doesn’t count as being in recovery. We cannot press on the matte harder, suboxone only has opioid receptors because it prevents the brain to let go of the compulsion of the substances. It also has been proven to be one of the best opiate medications for addiction treatment as it gets the job done without making the patient addicted furthermore. It’s a rather safe way to transition from addiction to sober life

#1- Suboxone is enough for recovery

No matter how effective this medication is a medicine like sublocade treatment or suboxone alone cannot aid in full recovery. For achieving a life without addiction, the person will have to take extensive psychological therapy. And taking therapy becomes more important when the person is suffering from a co-occurring disorder. You will need to go to therapy even after your doctor has suspended prescribing a suboxone dose. 

Going through addiction treatment can be hard as it is without thinking about all the stigmas. And that is the reason why we are trying to break all the barriers between addiction and recovery. The same will for sublocade shot as there are myths about this opiate medication as well.

By Lois C